About Us

Nooran Investment Group started in 1986 with the aim of playing a role in various fields of industry and international trade . The main cores of this group’s activity; Production and trade of power generation equipment, investment, design and engineering, production, supply of equipment, construction, and operation of solar power plants, and today with several subsidiaries, factories and power plants are considered as pioneers in various industrial fields. By investing in the photovoltaic technology chain, we intend to build various production lines in this chain, including the production of cells, modules, inverters, raw materials and components required in the construction of modules such as glass, aluminum frame, electrical junction box, module storage structures and also, establish and operate an electrical energy storage system based on lithium-ion battery technology in Iran.

Nooran Investment Group, after 34 years of activity in international arenas, started its activities in 2017 with the participation of Nooran Green Energy Development Group in the Middle East in Iran and currently consists of two groups: Dynamic Silicon Industry Innovators and Kavir Kish Green Energy Industries. Due to the variety of services and products produced by the subsidiaries, Nooran Energy has designed its strategy based on “systematic thinking”, “commitment”, “creativity and innovation”, “quality”, “environment”. The group has put support for national production at the forefront of its activities in various fields of the country’s development, adhering to international standards and making full use of the capabilities of domestic experts.