Signing of a memorandum between the Ministry of Energy and the private sector

According to the IRIB news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the public relations report of Nooran Energy Company, on January 4th, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Energy and the private sector regarding the construction of 10,000 MW of renewable power plants in the country. This memorandum is in line with the legal duties of the Renewable Energy and Electricity Productivity Organization to provide the necessary infrastructure in the country regarding the use of renewable energy production methods, clean and employing the private sector and supporting their participation, as well as creating the necessary platform for localization of renewable exchange equipment.

This memorandum was concluded with the presence of private and specialized companies in this field, including Nooran Energy Company and 11 other companies. In this meeting, the CEO of Nooran Energy Company, Dr. Bahram Siri, as a representative of the private sector, presented solutions and discussed the technical points of the memorandum.

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